Q – Oh super… another blog. Did the world need this?

A – Wow, coming out of the gate hot!
To be honest, it’s a fair question, and our answer is maybe too simple, but it’s true.

People are focused on the wrong things. Everyone is yelling about republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, libertarians (well, no one actually complains about them). This celebrity, that company, an event that happened. It’s noise. We call it a dust cloud – obscuring the truth from the publics’ eyes.

If our country were a ship, it’s the Titanic. Grand, majestic and proud. It’s expensive, and took a long time to build, and it was the envy of a lot of the world. But it hit an iceberg, but…no one is talking about that.
This doesn’t need to be a fatal event, yet, it sure seems like society is going to make it fatal.

And even though the boat is filling with water, no one says a word about it. Everyone wants to be the Captain, holding the wheel tightly ignoring the icy water all around.

The bad news, it’s not just the Captain that sinks with the ship…

Q – Ok great, another teenager in his basement thinks his answers are the right ones!

A – We sense a skeptical pattern here… (also, this is not a question)

Listen, we get it though – and here’s the truth: we’re not telling anyone what to do.
There is no prescription made here. 

We’re simply point out the ship is filling with water.
What people are told everyday is – ‘It’s that guys fault, over there’
‘Vote for me, I’ll fix it’
‘Do this, and it will get better’

That’s all window dressing. Re-arranging deck chairs.
The issue is our society has not improved its operating system. So, the system is crashing, and everyone is blaming the Users… when, the entire program needs to be updated.
(sorry for all the mixed metaphors, we’re not great at writing…)

Q – Ok, basement people, why would anyone listen to you?

A – Listen, none of us live in a basement, so, let’s move on?

Here’s the deal, it doesn’t matter who we are – we’re just showing you behind the curtain.

If you are comfortable with what you see, we’ll encourage you to look a little harder.
If you’re still comfortable with how the sausage is being made (another mixed metaphor, sorry), then… you’re probably a politician.

Or, maybe a journalist.

Q – So, you’re not super smart?

A Nope, you got us here. College educated, (barely)… but, that is almost a strike against anyone over the age of 30 these days. It’s not a mark of pride from us, and we’re not sure college teaches things better than life at this point.

Q – So, who are you?

A – We are you, even if you don’t believe that quite yet.

Personally, we are people who have experiencing running teams, businesses, non-profits, and sports clubs.
Nothing intense, no political work.

Q – Who are you working for, and what’s your agenda?

A – We work for ourselves (trust us, no one would hire us anyway), and no one pays us anything. So, yeah, we’re 100% organic, farm fed, American born and bred (that rhymes).

Trust me… the last thing we wanted was to wade into this mess. There is a reason we’ve never been on facebook or twitter or whatever. We hoped that things would correct on their own. But, clearly, they aren’t.

We see this, it’s happening, clear as day. The ship is sinking.
Not because of one side, or another – remember, this isn’t about that.
The ship is sinking, and we think that is ridiculous that we’ve gotten to this point.

We are showing you a self evident reality.

Some people start fires
Some people fight fighters

No one is asking, ‘why is society still building buildings out of matches? (….another mixed metaphor)

Q – So, you voted for Trump?

A – No. But…*sigh* this is a huge part of the problem. 
That’s that tribal mentality. Us vs. Them.

We could vote for Donald Fucking Duck (Disney, don’t sue us), and it wouldn’t change reality. That’s one of the key problems.

If you have two idiots to choose from to drive a car.
And the car is on fire, and none of them recognize that.
Does it really matter who is driving???

Q – What’s with the car analogy?

A – Ah, perfect timing on that question. Really? It’s the best we could do.  Open to better ones if you got ‘em!

Q – Ok, so, where do we go from here then, Mr. Perfect?

A – ‘Dumb and Dumber’, that’s a classic line. Listen…

We don’t prescribe things. 

That might change, over time but, we think the best answers come from people who discover things themselves. 

Our goal is to show you behind the curtain.
Under the hood.
Below the waterline (sounds dirty, we mean with a sinking ship)

What we might think is right, could be wrong (it’s not). But we’re open to better ideas. 

That’s the point of debate and dialog, to find those, to discuss them, and use the best ones to move forward. It’s not political, or about power… it’s time for the right things to be talked about.

Q – Now What?

A – Now, this. We are here. Start with understanding that. Read. Dig in. Check your assumptions, explore what reality is like outside the dust cloud.

Then, take action.