As we’ve gone through this series about what ails America – we’ve created a metaphor of a tired, broken down car in need of maintenance. Yes yes, it was on fire, all that. But…

Let’s say we fixed the car.

We brought it to the shop, we do the required repairs. We take the time and spend the money – so it is once again reliable and capable of carrying heavy loads at speed. It will be amazing, and well worth it.

Now we get to decide where we want to go. We all won’t decide to go the same direction – naturally. And that is just fine. But what are the possibilities? Where are all the places we can go?

Liberty, the word itself, probably seems foreign to many. Society seems to have forgotten.

Liberty: “The quality or state of being free”  -Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Liberty is an approach to life. It is the central principle that ensures all people can live their lives however they see fit. It assumes equal freedom to all people, without concern for any factors beyond our own will. Liberty is the map.

Like a good map, this one is not prescriptive. No routes are preordained. The conclusion is not determined, for anyone. All Liberty does, is open doors for each of us.

  • A map shows where you can go
  • A map doesn’t limit who can go
  • A map doesn’t tell you if a journey will be easy or hard

Each of us are on our own journey – and a society of Liberty means, each of us can look at a map, and strive to get wherever we desire to go. A map does not ensure we will all make it to our destination – but it allows everyone to plan and dream equally.


Today, the concept of freedom for the general public is not too popular. Politicians and the media build a wall, brick by brick, that blocks us from pursuing our own potential. Walled off from opportunities to explore – we’re prescribed a life that is mediocre. Those who want power, give distractions, so none of us feel bad when we are made less free.

(Editor note: mixed metaphor follows, see the FAQ)

Not unlike wild mustangs being corralled and broken – individual’s dreams can be hamstrung by rules, societal pressure, and a government that doesn’t see its own benefit. You see this clearly in politicians who promise ‘utopia’ – as long as you vote for them to keep power. We are primed to think that if all of us sacrifice, then magically, all of us will live a good life. The only thing certain, is the powerful do get that life…

We are given a false choice to surrender our own dreams, in exchange for the soft shackles of society. We are plied with free things, promises of better days – all in exchange for votes that benefit others by giving them power over us.

Who among us wants a future where only the powerful actually achieve their dreams?


Liberty is the counter balance to a centrally controlled life. It means all people, have all the opportunities available, to make the most of their lives.

Liberty means having reasonable rules and laws that ensure opportunities for everyone, unburdened by bureaucratic policies and instructive government rules telling individuals what they can and can not do.

If that sounds over-simplified, it’s actually not. The concept of Liberty is that simple.

Liberty is so powerful because it presumes all people have value. Not just politicians, not just the powerful. Each person has a unique journey. People don’t have defined roles, dictated by what others demand they do. Liberty means each person is free. We are not machines or robots, groups or tribes. We are individuals on our own individual journeys.

Liberty is the great equalizer in our short time on earth, because it makes outcomes dependent on each of us as individuals. It doesn’t force, coerce or demand we do certain things because someone said so. Liberty allows us to explore our world, for our own reasons, without being told how to do it by a ruler, a government, king or by policies that are popular depending on what type of people are in power.

Liberty is the vital tool that keeps doors open for anyone trying to get to their goals. It doesn’t guarantee success, that’s not it at all. It does ensure that all of us, you, me and everyone in our country – have a playing field where achieving our dreams are possible.

Read the map, study it carefully – and decide where you want to go. Liberty is holding the door open for you – where you go is, as it should be, entirely up to you.

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