The Time Is Now

Now is the time for the long neglected maintenance on our car.

As a country, we need to have a real discussion on the size and scope of our government and the powers our politicians enjoy. We need to wrap our heads around the fact that media doesn’t exist to help find the truth. We need to understand the roles each of us play, and what we want the government to be able to do to each of us.

We haven’t had full conversations about this for over 200 years, and it shows….

Before we embark on a technologically filled, hyperconnected world where information flows so freely – we need to get our faithful car ready for the next trip.

We have a chance, now, to not just review and refine systems of government. We have a chance to increase efficiencies, increase service, improve performance, and let people have the freedom we were all promised. We can again be optimistic and encouraged about the future together.

In 2020, we’ve got so many options on where we could go as a country. But instead of arguing about that, we need to realize – right now, our car can barely get around the block.

Far from negativity, or despair – there is good reason for optimism. We have come a long way in that last 250 years. We have defend the world from evils, we’ve landed on the moon, we’ve developed technologies that people never dreamed of, and we’ve made more people more prosperous, than any country or system of government in the history of the world.

With that, we’ve also gotten lazy, and taken a lot of our prosperity for granted. We live in a golden age, and instead of recognizing that – we create problems so we have something to fight about. Our lives are easy, and it’s easy to complain – so we do just that. We bicker about little things, distracting ourselves from more progress.

In the year 2020, it is time for new rules and a new framework for how we govern ourselves, how we want to share our space going forward, and how we give power back to the people. We should not be items to be bought and sold, we should not been seen as faceless consumers. We should not be pawns in a rigged political shell game. Nor are we complacent and lazy – deep down, we know tough action will be required to improve our lot. Fundamentally, we are individuals, striving each day to do our best. With freedom, liberty and shared values, there is nothing we can’t achieve if we put our minds to it. Despite the last decade being a massive pileup… we can map out a new path.

Imagine our car is back from the mechanic. It’s clean. The engine tuned. The suspension isn’t sagging, all the accessories bolted on have been removed and streamlined. We can see out the windows again. It’s quieter, runs more efficiently, and hell, it might even be electric… The issues that slowed us down and had us motionless by the side of the road have been addressed. Our car is back in shape, ready for the open road.

We might not all want to go the same place.
We might not agree on how to get anywhere.
We might fight like hell about who manages the radio.
And of course, we will argue about who drives…

And yet…

Deep down, we all come from a place where we want our future to always be better than our past. If we focus on the things that we have in common, and we are critical of the things that hold us ALL back – we can use our newly tuned up car – to explore new roads. It will be a wild debate once the car is fixed, but if we keep ignoring the issues, all the debates will all be pointless.

Our car is overdue for maintenance. Let’s do the work now to prepare for the future, before it’s beyond repair. It’s served us well to get here. Let’s put in the work now, at this critical time, to make sure it can carry us wherever we decide to go...

If you’re ready, you can read our solutions on Repairing America.