Citizens of the world grant politicians temporary power to run government.

They nominate a driver to get the car safely down the road.
Like driving, there are myriad rules, speed limits, lines to not cross. There are stop signs, round abouts. There are a lot of controls that should prevent a car from having an accident.

It takes some seriously awful driving to crash a car off of a cliff.
And here we are…

One more note on accidents – if you’ve ever been in one, you know they’re pretty chaotic – things happen fast. Afterword, when everyone discusses what happened, there are a lot of different views. There were lots of loud sounds, screeches, sudden movement. People remember the scenery differently, what was happening in the car – it’s all pretty chaotic.
Unfortunately, a damaged car, or worse, is the result. And no one really recalls exactly what happened….

Instead of understanding a car crash – it is clearly better to not get into this situation in the first place. Despite the frequency of accidents… citizens keep voting for awful drivers – why?


History is filled with stories of corrupt and evil politicians – and it’s worth a reminder: Politicians are not born, they come from the public. Politicians are not magic people, geniuses, superheroes, or brainiacs. Being a politician, does not make someone different than other people at all. So, how is it that a few, gain so much power and influence, that can ultimately drive our car off the road?

Holding public office previously meant putting aside personal life to serve your country. Politicians were, for the most part, everyday people. Today though, there are some less honest reasons to want to get behind the wheel.

For starters, the job is extremely well paid. Senators start at almost $200,000 plus perks. Even city council members in major cities mostly make six figures. These aren’t volunteers – these are cushy jobs. Being a politicians pays around 200-400% more than the median income.

In addition to cash, benefits and other perks not given to regular people – politicians can earn significant sums for life. Speaking tours, dinners, books, working for lobbyists, industries, being directors on a board. Really, once you’re on the inside, you live on Easy Street.

So, is it any surprise that people spend millions and millions of dollars to get elected? That they will do anything and say anything, to get a seat at that table? It’s a sound investment. Not to mention, you can be in public office as long as you like. Many politicians today make multi-decade careers out of what used to be a short term situation.

Like we asked about government – in exchange for such a lucrative life – what does the public get from these politicians? We’re paying these people a lot of money to drive our car – why is it on fire and heading off a cliff?


The bureaucracy and sheer size of government actually shields the actions of these politicians very well. Politicians get paid no matter what the outcomes are for everyone else. There is no mechanism to hold them accountable for their policies. Politicians enjoy a golden parachute. As the car falls into the cliff below, it’s only the people trapped inside who will get hurt – the politicians always experience a very soft landing.

The politicians love all this, and they pander to each person – by any means necessary – to get re-elected. That is their only responsibility anymore – not to make change, but to stay behind the wheel.

At the end of the day, no matter what side of the spectrum one occupies, the drivers are drunk. The rules designed to limit their ability to do harm, they drive right past.

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